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16/06/17 "HSE Targets Carcinogens and Sensitisers"

An article by John Green about these hazardous materials and the seven key actions inspectors will expect you to have taken. Read more by clicking the image.

HSE Targets Carcinogens

19/05/17 "It's Now Timely to Target Stress | Act on Hidden Silica Danger | When will Directors and Managers be Personally Prosecuted?"

A short article from Health & Safety Advisor (hsadvisor@agorabusiness.co.uk) Read more by clicking the image.

Timely to Target Stress

12/05/17 "£1m - Plus fines rise six fold in a year"

In the last year, fines have increased substantially because businesses have failed to control serious risks to the public and to employees. New sentencing guidelines are also now in force.

You can read more by clicking the image of the article from IOSH News or follow this link to download the report http://www.iosh.co.uk/sentencingguidelines

IOSH article

12/05/17 "People need training to work safely and effectively"

A short article about the benefits of staff training and the responsibilities of employers. Read more by clicking the image.


Health and safety training

04/08/17 "Construction company fined three quarters of a million pounds after asbestos failings."

An article published by the HSE about its investigations at a site in Kent which was know to contain asbestos. Read the article by clicking the image.

asbestos failings

04/08/17 "Asbestos - Your Quick Guide - Beware Asbestos"

You can download or print the HSE's quick guide "Beware Asbestos" from here to help you deal with asbestos on every job. Click the image to get the guide.

asbestos removal enclosure