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09/11/17 - "What does Brexit mean for Health and Safety?"

Much of our Health and Safety legislation in recent
years has been driven by EU regulations and directives, and just as with the Brexit debate itself, opinion is divided on the necessity or usefulness of some. Read more by clicking the image.

Health and Safety Brexit

12/10/17 - "Health & Safety in Construction"

An article by John Green discussing the new wave of HSE inspections beginning in October 2017. The HSE is urging contractors to pay particular attention to harmful dusts.

Health and safety in construction

21/09/17 "Changes to European and UK Ladder Standards"

An article by John Green outlining important points to consider when replacing or buying new ladders for professional use. Read more by clicking the image.
Ladder Standards

04/08/17 "Construction company fined three quarters of a million pounds after asbestos failings."

An article published by the HSE about its investigations at a site in Kent which was know to contain asbestos. Read the article by clicking the image.

asbestos failings

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07/09/18 - Fire atthe Recresco recycling plant.

This week we picked up this article from Security Matters Mag about the fire at Recresco. Firefighters fought the blaze for 5 days and further daily monitoring meant that fire crews were on site for a total of 22 days. Click the image to read more.

Fire at Recresco

30/08/18 - Article from Fire & Security Matters Mag

"While a school Fire Risk Assessment could be considered a simple task, you need to consider the potential risk of a terror attack." Click the image to read more.

Terror attack risk in schools

Legislation Updates 2018/2019

Your quick guide to forthcoming changes and their implementation dates. Click the image to read more.

Legislation updates

Thousands of road workers’ lives are being put at risk (RoSPA June 2018)

Between July 2017 and September 2017 3500 incidents and near misses were reported, of these 150 were serious and resulted in injuries. Click the image to read more.

Road Workers at Risk

01/02/18 - "Vehicle Accidents Involving Workplace Transport"

An article by John Green outlining the steps you can take to minimise the risks of accidents involving workplace transport. With the appropriate safety management practices workplace transport risks can be controlled.

Vehicle Safety in the Workplace